CSUSB professor Brian Levin discusses implications of assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey

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RT.com — Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, is interviewed about the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey in Ankara on Dec. 19, and the possible affect it may have on Turkish-Russian relations and their respective roles in Syria. Among the gunman’s comments during the incident was, “don’t forget Aleppo,” the besieged Syrian city.

In response to a question on “anti-Russian” hysteria in Aleppo after an MSNBC video clip (about 2:30 minutes into the online video) was shown of the destruction of the city by Syrian and Russian forces, and its possible influence on the assassin, Levin said: “Certainly there’s been massive media coverage. But remember, this is probably the longest siege of a city that we’ve seen since World War II. And we’re talking about massive amounts of deaths here. And, indeed, non-media entities, including the United Nations and various governments, have condemned the Assad regime and also the Russian government as well. So certainly there has been significant media coverage in the West, and some of it has been extraordinarily critical.

Brian Levin on RT. Click on the image go to the online video of the interview.

Click on the image go to the online video of the interview.

“Nevertheless, there have been many of civilian deaths, and that have taken place, said Levin, when both the Russians and the Syrian government under Bashar Assad have been launching offenses into Aleppo, including what’s called … ‘double-tap’ attacks … when first responders are coming in to rescue people. Those are some devastating images as well.

“So I wouldn’t say it was, somehow, biased coverage. But there has been some significant coverage.”

The interview was posted online Dec. 20, 2016.

View the entire interview at “Brian Levin talks to RT.”

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