CSUSB researchers’ paper on ‘friendship at first sight’ featured

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Paste — A paper by Cal State San Bernardino researchers on “friendship at first sight” continues to get news coverage, with the online magazine being the latest to examine friendship chemistry.

Researchers Kelly Campbell and Matt Riggs, both CSUSB psychology department faculty members, and student Nicole Holderness published a paper called “Friendship chemistry: An examination of underlying factors.” They explain that friendship chemistry is a subcategory of relationship chemistry, which also includes the more-often discussed and studied sexual attraction, and of course “love at first sight.”

“The few researchers who examine this construct focus on sexual, rather than friendship chemistry,” they write. “Given that a person is likely to partake in a greater number of friendships versus romantic relationships over a lifetime, a thorough exploration of the factors involved in friendship formation, such as chemistry, is essential to this body of work.”

The article was published March 29, 2017.

Read the complete article at “Social science: Friendship at first sight.”

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