Potential for violence at June 26 state Capitol rally was ‘well-telegraphed,’ says CSUSB’s Brian Levin

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The Sacramento Bee — There was never any question about the potential for violence at Sunday’s neo-Nazi rally at the state Capitol. Both sides had been warning over the internet for months that they expected a confrontation at the United Stand for Freedom rally planned by the Golden State Skinheads and the Traditionalist Worker Party group that took out the state permit for the event.

“The anti-fascists for weeks upon weeks have been telegraphing that they were going to shut it down, and the violent imagery from both sides in their posters and social media was significant,” said the director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, Brian Levin who has attended Klan and other neo-Nazi rallies for three decades monitoring their activities. “This was being well-telegraphed.”

The article was published June 28, 2016.

Read the complete article at “Sunday’s rally at the state Capitol was a ‘powder keg’ waiting to explode.”

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