Alternatives to Spanking: Positive parenting techniques lecture offered at CSUSB Palm Desert Campus


Cal State San Bernardino professor of human development Laura Kamptner will talk about alternatives to spanking and positive child guidance techniques on Tuesday, Oct.8, from 6-7 p.m., at the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus.Alternatives to Spanking 6x4

Spanking, a form of discipline used by many parents, has long been the focus of debate on whether it is a useful and constructive method to raise children.

“Many parents aren’t aware of normal developmental milestones and often have unrealistic expectations of child/teen,” says Kamptner. “Also, most parents mistakenly think that punishments are the best way to change a child’s behavior.”

Kamptner explains that parents often turn to spanking when a child misbehaves, but parents should communicate with their kids instead.

The lecture will introduce some of the alternatives to spanking, such as the “when-then” method.

Kamptner is co-director of Project CUIDAR, director of Parental Intervention Project and a coordinator at the parenting center of the CSUSB Institute of Child Development and Family Relations. She has specialized for 40 years in parenting and long-term consequences of attachment security.

The lecture will take place in the campus’s Oliphant Auditorium. The CSUSB Palm Desert Campus is located at 37-500 Cook St. Admission is free and parking is paid by CSUSB.

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