Coyote Athletics graduates 35 student-athletes


On June 15-16, CSUSB celebrated the 2013 June Commencement and the Coyotes’ athletic department joined in honoring the academic achievements of 35 student-athletes who competed in intercollegiate athletes during their undergraduate years.

Also earning a degree is Polet Milian, the athletic department’s administrative support assistant, who became the first college graduate in her family (B.A. management).csusb_athletics_1-Main-Coyotes

College of Social and Behavioral Science

  • Baseball – Andrew Harrison (B.A. history)
  • Women’s Basketball – Amber Glasser (B.A. sociology), Kristen Huffman (B.A. sociology) and Shanae Blake (M.S.W. social work)
  • Cross Country – Courtney Ciraulo (B.A. psychology)
  • Women’s Soccer – Priscilla Gomez (B.A. psychology) and Priscilla Collings (B.A. sociology)
  • Volleyball – Samantha Middleborn (B.A. anthropology) and Priscilla Collings (B.A. sociology)
  • WaterPolo – Lashelle Kocher (B. A. psychology)

College of Arts and Letters

  • Cross Country – Katherine Gomez (B.A. liberal studies)
  • Women’s Basketball – Eliza Bowles (B.A. mass communication)
  • Women’s Soccer – Jani Carmona (B.A. mass communication)
  • Volleyball – Mercedes Winchester (B.A. mass communication)
  • Water Polo – Heather Bertram (B.A. mass communication) and Misty Vu (B.A. mass communication and B.A. public relations)

College of Business Administration

  • Men’s Basketball – David Jefferson (B.A. entrepreneurial management)
  • Golf – Todd Sakamoto (B.A. accounting and finance), Kevin Bateman (B.A. management) and Ken Pigman (B.A.  marketing)
  • Men’s Soccer – Mark Peters (B.A. management) and Ron Shviro (B.A. marketing)
  • Women’s Soccer – Erika Gomez (B.A. finance).

College of Natural Sciences

  • Baseball – Darren Dworak (B.S. pedagogy), Christopher LeFay (B.S. pedagogy), James Janclaes (B.S. exercise science), Jeff Terzo (B.S. exercise science)
  • Cross Country – Nicole Chesnut (B.S. pedagogy) and Colleen Sowa (B.S. pedagogy)
  • Men’s Soccer – Tanner Olinger (B.S. pre-physical therapy)
  • Women’s Soccer – Julie Allen (B.A.  nutrition and food sciences), Tiffany Mallick (B.S. exercise science and B.S. pre-physical therapy), Amanda Villavicencio (B.S. exercise science) and Ashley Wolf (B.S. exercise science)
  • Softball – Alyssa Ramos-Flores (B.S. pedagogy)
  • Volleyball – Erica Walters (B.S. – pre-physical therapy)

If any current or former student-athlete was not included in this list that was garnered from the official commencement program, please contact Associate AD/Media Relations Mark Reinhiller at 909-537-3001 or email at:

Replays of commencement ceremonies can be viewed online on the Academic Computing & Media video library’s website.

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