Updated: CSUSB terrorism expert Brian Levin’s appearance on Bill Maher’s ‘HBO’ Real Time’


Note: Updated list as of May 6, 2013.

Various online sites — A host of bloggers weighed in on the exchange between Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, and Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” on April 19, when Levin appeared on the show to discuss the Boston Marathon bombing.

Below is just a sampling.

April 22, 2013

The Daily Caller’s post is at “Bill Maher: Comparing violence of Islam to Christianity ‘liberal bullsh*t,’” though if you watch the online video, Levin does not single out any religion be worse than another. Most bloggers linked back to this post.

The Free Republic posted what appears to be a transcript of the exchange on April 20, and the blogger’s brief commentary.

The Blaze’s entry is at “Liberal bull****: Bill Maher calls out prof claiming all religions equally violent.”

The Washington Times posted “Bill Maher: Islamic violence ‘more than just a fringe element’”on April 21.

The Politics Informer posted its entry on April 21 with what appears to be a transcript; and Examiner.com posted “Bill Maher: ‘I’m a truth lover…all religions are not alike‘” on April 22.

And on Patheos.com, Hemant Mehta posted on his “Friendly Athiest” blog, “Are Muslim Extremists Worse Than Extremists of Other Faiths?”  on April 22.

Added on April 23, 2013

The American Thinker website  on April 23 posted “Did Bill Maher just trump Bush on Islam?

The website Personal Liberty Digest  posted on April 23 this by Ben Bullard: “Lefty Maher Goes Bulldog on Islamist Apologist,.”

In a column posted April 23 in the The Washington Times, writer Bob Siegel weighed in with “Tsarnaev brothers: Should America ignore their Muslim affiliation?

The blog West Coast Maverik, posted a piece by Barry Rubin titled “‘Mysterious Motive’: Cover-Up of Boston Attack’s ‘Why’ Begins.” It’s the second entry on the April 22 post of blog.

The website OpEdNews.com on April 22 added “Boston Marathon Bombers: Their Terrorist Actions Were Heinous, Their Outrage Explicable.”

On the website Discover, Razib Khan added on April 22 “”Why atheists can speak in the West.”

And A. Jay Adler posted this on April 23 on The Algeminer website: “The Boston Marathon Bombing and America’s So-Called Faith Privilege.”

Added on May 6, 2013

The Algemeiner‘s A. Jay Adler followed up with “A campaign of willful blindness on terrorism,” on May 3, 2013.

And the U-T San Diego published “Hate center head dispenses hate” by Menifee resident Richard Kirk.