Faculty benefits from endowment created by CSUSB’s second president and his wife


Fourteen Cal State San Bernardino faculty members are expanding their research, presenting papers or improving and developing new courses thanks to an endowment created by the university’s second president and his wife.

Anthony and Lois Evans

Anthony and Lois Evans

Anthony Evans, who led CSUSB from 1982-1997, and his wife Lois, made a year-end gift of $50,000 to the Anthony and Lois Evans Faculty Professional Development Endowment, created in October 2007.

“My wife Lois and I have concluded that quality faculty professional development is essential for faculty members to be effective teachers and productive scholars,” Evans said. “ Perhaps more than ever before, continuing faculty development is critical for upgrading and harnessing the enormous talents of the faculty at CSUSB.  No other university opportunity appealed to us so strongly.”

The endowment, which has surpassed $140,000, is administered through the office of the associate provost for research at Cal State San Bernardino, said Cindi Pringle, CSUSB’s associate vice president for University Development.

The Evanses, who split their time between their homes in Hendersonville, N.C., and Bradenton, Fla., have maintained an ongoing commitment to Cal State San Bernardino and continue to have a deep interest in the university’s activities and progress, Pringle said.

Evans became the second president of then-California State College, San Bernardino on Nov. 1, 1982, following founding President John M. Pfau’s retirement. Prior to that, Evans served as provost and vice president for academic affairs at Eastern Michigan University. He also held administrative positions at the University of Maryland and the University of Iowa.

It was under Evans’ leadership that, in 1984, the college was elevated to university status, becoming California State University, San Bernardino.

Other memorable accomplishments during Evans’ leadership include: the openings of the Yasuda Center for Continuing Education, the Robert V. Fullerton Museum (now known as RAFFMA, the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art), Coussoulis Arena and Jack Brown Hall; the creation of the Palm Desert Campus; the accreditation of nearly a dozen academic programs, including the national accreditation of the then School of Business; the addition of national Greek fraternities and sororities; the creation of the intercollegiate athletics program; and the expansion of the university in which 10 new buildings were constructed over a 10-year period.

The Anthony and Lois Evans Faculty Professional Development Endowment was created to support the professional development of Cal State San Bernardino’s full-time faculty, including individual faculty members or teams of faculty. The support could include reassigned time for scholarly or creative research, conference presentations, incorporating technology into teaching, developing new courses or programs, making major modifications to existing courses or programs, hiring of research assistants, purchasing special equipment or supplies, developing a grant proposal for outside funding and for travel.

The 14 faculty members, who received awards ranging from $200 to $1,000, are:

  • Amy Leh, science, math and technology: “How to Use Blog and Discussion Board to Support Online Instruction,” the International Conference of Learning in London.
  • Su Liang, math: “Teaching Research as an Effective In-Service Training Tool,” the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education.
  • Laura Newcomb, biology: “Cell Type Difference in Role of Host Nxf 1 for Influenza mRNA Nuclear Export,” 31st Annual American Society for Virology Meeting, Madison, Wisc.
  • Tomasz Owerkowicz, biology: Discussion of two papers: “Development of Growth: Limbs and Muscle Plasticity” and “Gene Regulation/Expression,” 2012 Annual Meeting of Experimental Biology in San Diego.
  • Janine Kremling, criminal justice: proposed book publications “Drugs, Crime and Justice,” at the American Society of Criminology.
  • David Yaghoubian, history: proposed book publication “Sacred Defense: Religion, Nationalism and Brotherhood in the Iran-Iraq War – Oral interviews with Iranian veterans for the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988).”
  • Peter Robertshaw, anthropology: “Life and Death in Bunyoro-Kitara, Uganda,” Society of African Archeologists 11th Biennial Conference, Toronto, Canada.
  • Marcia Marx, sociology department: “The Shadowed Hierarchy: Women as Managers in Gendered Bureaucracies,” 7th Organizational Studies Summer Shop sponsored by SAGE Publishers.
  • Michael Kohout, geography and environmental studies: “Local Anti-Immigration Politics in the Inland Empire of California,” International Seminar on Anti-Immigration Sentiments, Actions and Policies in the North American Region and European Union.
  • Jose Munoz, sociology: “Interview Field Research in Los Angeles and Inland Empire of Migrant Latino Population,” American Sociological Association Conference in August 2012.
  • Kelly Campbell, psychology: “Examining Cross-Cultural Conceptualizations of Love and Marriage” – Conducted  Interviews in England, France Italy and Portugal as part of the research for her study.
  • Cherstin Lyon, history: “New Perspectives on Japanese-American Incarceration,” Association of Asian-American Studies Conference and research at National Archives.
  • Stacy Fraser, music: “Musical Composition: The Legend of Sun Moon Lake by Taiwanese American Composer Chih-Chen Wei;” invited to give presentation of voice in music and Aletheia University, Taipei Taiwan.
  • Ece Algan, communication studies: “When Activists Sail to Gaza with Social Media: Rethinking Propaganda and Journalism,” International Symposium on Language and Communication; Research Trends and Challenges (ISLC) Ismir University, Turkey.

For more information or to donate to the Anthony and Lois Evans Faculty Professional Development Endowment, visit the CSUSB development website at http://development.csusb.edu.

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