CSUSB professor receives outstanding book award


Karen Rowan, assistant professor in the English department at Cal State San Bernardino, has received the outstanding book award from the International Writing Centers Association for “Writing Centers and the New Racism: A Call for Sustainable Dialogue and Change.”


CSUSB English professor Karen Rowan (l) and Laura Greenfield of Women’s Voices World Wide Inc.

The book, edited by Rowan and Laura Greenfield of Women’s Voices Worldwide Inc., was selected to receive the award for initiating a discussion to understand the role that race plays in the daily work of college writing centers.

According to IWCA President Nathalie Singh-Corcoran, “Each chapter is provocative and thought provoking,” and she cited it as an example of how this type of work provides insight into literacy practices at institutions of higher learning.

Rowan, who teaches composition and writing center studies, has been teaching at CSUSB since fall 2008.  She served as interim director of the writing center for two years.

“I am honored to receive the Outstanding Book Award from IWCA, and gratified by the recognition of this collection’s contribution to the important and on-going work of anti-racism in writing center work, literacy education and beyond,” Rowan said.

“Just as importantly, I look forward to seeing how the writing center community and others engage with and extend the challenges posed by contributors to this volume,” she said.

The Riverside resident is currently serving as assessment coordinator for the English department, leading assessment studies of the new first-year composition program and the directed self-placement program.


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“We are very proud of professor Rowan for this wonderful accomplishment,” said Sunny Hyon, professor and chair of CSUSB’s English department.

“We appreciate all her contributions to the department, including her recent work of studying the first cohort of CSUSB students going through directed self-placement, a new method that allows students to choose which first-year composition course is best for them rather than have that decision determined by the results of a placement test,” said Hyon.

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