At Calif. public colleges, dreams deferred


The Chronicle of Higher Education — For decades, the California state public higher-education system has served The Chronicle of Higher Educationas an inspiration and aspiration for systems all over the nation and many around the world. Its emphasis on the widest possible access and rock-bottom fees are written right into the 1960 California Master Plan for Higher Education, the document that also codified its three-tier structure: the elite research institutions of the University of California system, the mass higher education of the California State University system, and the job training and transfer prep of the open-admission California community colleges.

But public higher education has taken a financial hit. The 10-institution UC system has seen its allocation of state funds cut by $1 billion since 2008, a drop of 25 percent. The 116 community colleges have lost $668 million over the same time, a loss of 24 percent. The 23 CSU institutions, which includes Cal State San Bernardino, have been cut by almost $900 million, 30 percent of their prerecession support. And those cuts may soon deepen sharply.

The article was published Aug. 13, 2012.

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