Students should not focus on CSU presidential salary raises


The Daily 49er (Cal State Long Beach) — Zien Halwani, a senior economics and philosophy double major and a former editor-in-chief of the Daily 49er at Cal State Long Beach, in an opinion piece wrote that the recent focus on three new university presidents’ salaries was misplaced.

Daily 49er - California State University Long BeachInstead, it ought to be on filling a $650 million hole in the California State University budget, Halwani wrote. Students “don’t understand that presidential salaries have no bearing on tuition increases, enrollment cuts, pay cuts or anything else that directly affects students. And they really don’t understand that the amount of money paid to campus presidents is comparatively too small to spend this much energy on — they don’t understand the dire need to focus on more important things.”

Cal State Northridge’s Dianne F. Harrison and Cal State San Bernardino’s Tomas Morales will each receive a $29,000 yearly supplement to their predecessors’ salaries while San Francisco State’s Leslie E. Wong will receive a $26,251 supplement. The increase comes from their respective university foundations, not state budget funds.

The article was published July 19, 2012.

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