Jim Mora faces a tough sell at ‘soft’ UCLA


The Seattle Times — When the opportunity came to take UCLA off campus for two weeks of fall camp — to Cal State San seattle-times-logoBernardino — head football coach Jim Mora jumped at the chance. The Bruins’ campus practice field is undergoing some renovation.

“I’m not trying to create the ‘Junction Boys’ or anything like that,” Mora said, invoking the famously rugged camp in Junction, Texas, conducted by Bear Bryant when he arrived at Texas A&M in 1954. “We’re not going to go out there with two buses and come back with one.”

But Mora wants bonding and an interdependency that might be missing on campus, where, as he puts it, maybe a player’s girlfriend picks him up after practice “and they go get yogurt or something.”

The article was published July 24, 2012.

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